Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sin Vocabulary

We've recently been challenged to think about what we label mistakes or poor choices and identify sin....

I've been in church, reading my Bible etc but still lately I've slipped back into using profanity.  I asked a question --- Doesn't the Bible specify that taking the Lord's name in vain is the sin and beyond that it is a charater flaw, not a sin?

I was told that profanity is a sin and that it is based on culture and what is acceptable or not in our culture that defines the "f" word in europe is perfectly acceptable and not vulgar, but here it is not... same application to hand gestures.

Do you agree?  Do you believe that culture can define sin?

I am still not sure if I do (but maybe I'm trying to justify my own actions?)  I didn't think I was, I thought I had this "figured out".  Now I am confused! 

I need analytical process people who know the Word to help me with one (Shakedust/Golden) :) 

I think you may be my only readers at this point ... but I would still call you out! lol

Help!  thoughts?

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Seasons of life - changes - and other random thoughts

I'm getting ready to make another change.  I have decided to leave my current job and move to a small company.  Ultimately the decision was made because I am tired of working with someone who always brings me down.  I need to happier people in my life and people who aren't always trying to make my life difficult. 

So - I found a new job.

Chandler is finishing his last semester of high school.  He is also completing year 1 of his Associates Degree.  He is still living at home and while we're close to being an empty nest - we're not there yet. 

Life Group/Sunday School/Workers - again

Chad and I are officially in ministry again.  We're on the prayer team (yes, that team that only old people are invited to join!) :)  We're also starting a Life Group.  It's specifically a "part 2" of a group called Starting Point.  Starting Point is a class that our church offers and they use Andy Stanley curriculum.  It is great for new Christians, but I'm excietd because it also lights a fire and brings back excitement for us older Christians too!  The program that Chad and I will be doing starting next quarter is called Sharing Point.  It takes a video clips from the Bible Project and gives the class opportunity to learn more Bible while emphasizing the importance of iron sharpening iron.  The concept is to take the newer believers and Christians who want to grow more to a new level without throwing them into the deep end off the high dive before they've had a swimming lesson! :)  It was birthed out of a passion for discipleship for Christians who don't have Sunday School as an option and who aren't familiar with life groups and don't have a comfort level with them yet.  Basically, the idea is to make sure that for 8 weeks the people who finished Starting Point have another place to meet, continue to grow and a step to learn about how Life Groups work and become comfortable with participating in them. 

Timing is everything.  I'm trusting God with my new job, for my replacement in the old job, for guidance and wisdom in the new group and I'm looking forward to a new year. 

I am also 75% sure that in April I will go back to school and start working on an Accounting degree, at least that is the current plan. 

I need to make changes in health too - as usual.  I still have no clue what or how to do that.   But I see God's hand at work in so many things in my life.  In every aspect.  This past year, with the exeption of Student Loans we became debt free.  That was not easy.  We worked really hard for several years to pay off debt.  If only I could apply that same discipline to my eating and exercise habits. 

Maybe I will. 

Guess that's all for now.  Thanks for reading!  :) Goodnight. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017


four movies. On my computer sets 4 movies. They are not in our movie collection "where they belong" according to my husband. They are on top of my computer. These are the movies I like to quote the most, the movies that when I'm balancing the checkbook, paying a bill, or blogging - I like to have on in the background. Some people like music, I find comfort in these movies. They are all modern, as I am not yet a fan of old movies. Maybe someday? Which one I would pick over another depends on the mood I'm in, do I want mostly music with a love story theme? Do I want romantic where the setting is character as well as the people? Do I want action with a dash of romance? Or do I just want to observe people having fun playing games with each other that happen to fall into love in the process? :)

Four go to movies.... 1, 2, 3, 4.

If you had 4 "go to" movies what would they be, and why?

My facebook post took on its own life!

So I made it a blog! :)

I liked research papers when I was young, but that was when it was "work" you had to go to a library, read books, do searches. I enjoyed going to the college library for my English reports when I was in high school and looking things up on Microfiche! That was pretty cool. I loved how you could soom through the film! :) Even though my grammar was (and is) not the greatest, I still loved writing a good intro, body, and conclusion. There was something satisfying about it. Sometimes I miss those days. Then I just think of how many times I say "okay google" and I get random information spoken to me from my phone (That isn't just the local time and temperature!) We've come a long way and I am both a product of my past and present!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Forward Motion

As I mentioned previously, life is always in a forward motion, even when we feel it isn't.

A little over a month ago we got our Jeep lease.  Chandler got the merit for his fine arts Tshirt design (that means it was the best in all of Michigan).

Today is Easter - we had Nicky over.  Had a nice meal and played a game and watched a movie together.  Life keeps moving forward.

In the Orthodox Church where I work for the next 40 days - They greet everyone with "Christos Anesti'' and the reply is "Alithos Anesti".   "Christ is Risen" "He is Risen Indeed".

While life goes on and moves forward, today is also a day to reflect on the past - what God did for us and why we should not take each gifted day from him for granted.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

random thoughts

Connections.  I still occasionally do the fantasy survivor league with my friends from OP.  I have been hit and miss over the years.  I mentioned it to people in Michigan and they want to start one here.
....  huh?  maybe.  Could I handle 2 leagues. Would I actually have to think about my picks if I did that?  lol

Even in my randomness I am analytical.  I like random picks but I almost always have a pattern or thought to the "random" pick.  Some might say that means it isn't truly random at all??

Chandler's at Michigan Fine Arts today.  We did not go.  He is doing worship team (drumming) and he submitted a T-shirt design.

Chandler has many talents.  (I can talk about him here - he doesn't read my blog).

I have to be careful with Chander.  I want to encourage him, but the second we do that he becomes an over-confindent-big-headed person.  He has worked on being more humble and he has improved.  The thing is, he has a BIG personality.  I honestly thought for years that of my two kids Nicky would be more out going, but as she has gotten older, she is quieter and more reserved.  Chandler (who used to not say 2 words to people) is Mr. Everybody's man.  All our friends talk about how sweet he is.  How their kids look up to him (not just becuase he's tall).  His bosses have always liked him.  His teachers.

I'm so glad that he is respectful and well liked.  If he were reading this, he would expect a but to be here.  No buts.  just that.  He is a good kid and becoming an good man and I'm proud of him.  I still parent him.  But I'm proud of him.

We stayed behind today from fine arts.  One reason was that Chad and I were both working yesterday (he wasn't arriving back from Chicago until late last night) and making the 2.5 hour trip would have been more challenging.  Another reason was because we do not have a vehicle for long trips right now.  We had a rental car booked but Chandler said we would make him too nervous and asked us not to go.  So we cancelled the rental and set up an appointment with a car dealership.

In 2 hours we'll be meeting with them.  I'm not sure if we'll get into a lease or walk away exactly where we were when we arrived.  But we figured it was worth looking into.   If it doesn't work out, we'll have to go buy another crap car.  I'm really tired of those by the way.

I digress.  I'm going to go get ready now and hope/pray for the best outcome for today.

----  good or bad, life goes on.  We are always in a forward motion.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Home - Where Home Never Was

Chandler recently had a paper he wrote about "home".  He took the perspective that "home" to him is not a place he has ever lived, but it is the farm, where I grew up that he knows as "the farm".  I am glad that he has a connection and draw to the land and I really enjoyed reading his paper and the memories he has both with my parents and just through experiences he was able to have because of the land.  He talked about riding the 4 wheeler and bycycle trips and exploring the entire farm, that seems to go on forever!

I know that my kids don't have a "homestead".  They don't have a childhood home that they will return too with their children in tow, where mom and dad have always been and will always be, but I'm glad that even though they don't have that, they have an idea of that through the place where I grew up.

In a different talk all together, Chandler said he would rather go on a vacation with Chad and I to KC/Springfield and do a "trip down memory lane" than a theme park vacation.  I guess even though you can never go back once you leave a place a part of it always stays with you.  That is how I feel about Indiana, Springfield, and Overland Park.  I don't know if Michigan is a "for now" or "forever" place for us, but it definately has made its mark also!  I'm very thankful that while for Chandler Home is where Home never was, for me - Home is everywhere I've been.  It moves with me and so do the people.  Each place has special memories and each person who touched my life and changed me gets to change others in locations they may never go, with people they will most likly never meet!

Home - where it continues with  me.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A new Beginning

Chandler started college today.  This is the first year of his dual enrollment program of high school/college. He'll be part-time high school/college this year (his junior year of high school) and next (his senior year of high school) and then he'll complete his associates degree in year 13.

I feel like we treat him more like he's in college than in high school.  But to his credit, he is a good kid, working a lot, and in college.

He just turned 17.  When Chad was 17 he graduated early and started his 4 year degree program.

Looking back on who we were and how we were at 17 and 21 (the age of kids now) much we have grown since then!

I so many life changes happen between the ages 17 and 30.  In school, out of school.  Often people date or get married and start families during this decade.  I don't know if that will happen for my kids or not?

I'm looking forward to what the next 10 to 13 years brings them in life.  Where they will be, who they will be spending life with, and how much of their life will  they share with me?  

It is an exciting time for them and this is just the beginning!  :)